an overall service

 DALCOM solves the purchasing problems related to materials and components in the  several industrial  sectors.

 DALCOM guarantees a service suitable to continuous and pressing demands of the  market

 DALCOM provides the best service to satisfy quickly any kind of demand (big quantities,  but also very  small ones for every type of material or dimension).

 DALCOM supplies:

 Seals (for any application)
 retaining rings
 amianthus-free sheets for plain seals
 each shape of trimmed plain seals
 metal spiral seals
 plastic metal seals
 graphite made plain seals
 elastomer made plates and profiled sheets

 Plastic material
 teflon, nylon, derlin, polythene, moplen, plexiglass semi-finished items
 plastic lathe-shaped small wares
 rubber,PVC, teflon made plates and profiled sheets
 acrylic resin blocks

 Welding items

 wires and fluxes


 anti-vibrating items
 air springs
 rubber, PVC, rilsan made pipes
 steel springs
 pneumatic ed electrical storps

 Fitting items (carbonium, brass, stainless steel, PVC made)
 jointed flexible pipes
 plant pipes
 fixing straps
 valves and cocks

 special bearings
 tools (bushes, rings, washers)
 thrust blocks according to drawing
 spherical joints
 self- lubricating bushes

 drive lines

 Extra supply
 oxygen cutting, shearing and items
 sheets, pipes and profiled sheets iron or stainless steel made
 special tools

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